Monday, March 8, 2010

So I was reading this article in Time the other day, it was about immigration in Italy, Spain, and Greece. There was a section in it that stated the immigrants will do the jobs that Italians won't do. Sounds kind of familiar, just like pro-immigrant activists say back home. The thing is, they don't tell the whole story.

See, Italians,Spaniards, Greeks, just like Americans, would do those jobs that only immigrants would do if they could afford to do it. The problem, as I see and have witnessed it, is that the cost of living can not be supplemented from a days wages for a normal citizen of a country. Of course the opposition would argue that if illegals can live off of it, so can citizens. That is false. An illegal is not living in the same standards as a citizen. They are not paying taxes, more than likely have no vehicle, live in housing with multiple familes in which they 90% of the time, have no bill to pay except for eating. So yeah, working for $3hr is doable and affordable for someone like that. If that farmer had to pay a higher wage to hire a citizen than they would have to capture their losses from their customers, the people, by increases in costs. Keep illegals in the fields, orchards, etc, can pretty much keep the costs down as long as the gov doesnot get in the way with (whatever they normally do to stop it.